First Impressions: Roundup

A little roundup of some thoughts as I avoid the paper on my desk:

Studio 60: Better than I was expecting. Anytime I hear that much hype I tend to lower my expectations. Also a lot of recent movies have jam-packed the casts in order to distract you from bad writing, but this is not the case. Liked the witty banter, loved Matthew Perry, eagerly awaiting Lauren Graham’s spot. The lighting was really dark, or was that just me? West Wing 2.0.

The Class: I won’t lie. The pilot didn’t thrill me. In fact, it kinda bored me with the exception of the BRILLIANT Lizzy Caplan. (*sniff*Related*sniff*) Everyone else was sooo over the top and a lot of the jokes felt forced. At first I thought maybe I was expecting too much since I love non traditional comedies that don’t use setups before the punchline. But then I watched HIMYM last night and I realized, The Class was just shaky. It has real potential though. Good casting and a broad character driven premise.

Smith: I saw the preview online. OOOH yeah. It looks intense. It looks bold. It looks myseterious. It could go one of two ways: become a predictable L&O/CSI/any CBS procedural or develop their characters and a real good drama. We shall see, but it’s going on Season Pass because I like high stakes crime stories.


One response to “First Impressions: Roundup

  1. I’m with you on Studio 60 (TWW 2.0) and The Class (potential!), but I didn’t get very into Smith. True, I watched it at work (bad me!), so I was definitely distracted, but I didn’t really care about any of the characters. I’d consider giving it another shot, but my Tuesdays will be packed enough as it is. Oy!

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