My case for MI-5

Since Joobie’s thinking about it, I wanted to express why I think everyone should give MI-5 a chance.

I stumbled on this show by accident. I was flipping channels and found this random spy show on A&E. The real MI-5 is the British intelligence service, roughly equilivant to our own CIA. In fact, one of the recurring characters is a CIA agent.

Known as Spooks in the UK, the stories center on Tom Quinn, MI-5’s top agent. The stories are realistic, packed full of raw emotion and intense. It’s like if you took Alias removed the goofy Rimbaldi storylines (and don’t get me wrong, I love Alias) and mixed in the jaw dropping shock factor from Battlestar Galactica. There’s no Alias-style martial arts or BSG-level love stories, but there are fun gagdets and missions.

What it does so right is the emotional conflict of the spy life. It’s not glamorous or easy. It tears the agents apart as each one is bordering on differing levels of sanity. They are scrunitized with no private life. They are paranoid and targeted. But underneath the mess of their personal lives, you see true loyalty and dedication. It also presents a different perspective on America and how we treat our neighbors across the pond.

The first three seasons are on DVD with the full 59 minute episodes or you can catch new (40 minutes for American broadcasts) episodes on A&E.


2 responses to “My case for MI-5

  1. Okay…you’ve sold me! It’s going on the Netflix list. The ever-lengthening Netflix list of DOOM.

    Thanks for doing the convincing. 🙂

  2. MI-5 is like the best show EVER! 😀

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