Prison Break 204 recapplet

Nothing like a little car chase to start things off. Bellick throws a nice plot curve wanting in on Westmoreland’s dough. Suddenly I”m reminded of Rat Race and Mr. Bean’s “It’s a race! I’m winning!”.

Tweener’s still a little suspicious. I shall dub him Twitchy Tweener. Kellerman’s a better actor than we know plus Sarah has a thing for broken boys. Abruzzi!! Finally! I’m not sure what surprises me more: Abruzzi’s family or T-bag’s hand still hanging on. Linc has street smarts and a halfway unbuttoned shirt. Double score.

Commericals. I still haven’t found a fall movie to be excited about. You would think with a top business school making up the most of this area, we would have better local advertising. I can’t wait for my TiVo to arrive.

T-bag just said “dropping a deuce”. Ha! Mike’s wife is trying to flip on him but Linc caught her drift. Ah, the makeup department didn’t forget about Abruzzi’s major neck wound scar. Bellick’s a dirty man. I hope Linc gets to head butt him soon. But not as dirty as T-bag. “Is that dirty with one R or two?”

Tweener’s ride is going to flip too and she’s driving a Yars. Product Placement much?

A Matt Damon film about the mob?! I’m so there!! “Back in Black” is easily one of the top three guitar riffs.

Whoa. Michael kicked Bellick in the head. Close enough. WHOA. T-bag just killed another one. PB kill count is 3 now? Veronica, Vet Doc, and now Good Samaritan. TRIPLE WHOA. Michael’s crying on the phone to Sarah! “It’s real”?!?!??!! Oh bust, Kellerman heard her call his name.

Homerun Prison Break. The Feds pulled the switch on Abruzzi. Now the whole shed switch I saw coming because of the pace, but this was slow played. Nicely done. And the cops told Abruzzi to say hello to their little friends. Hey, who knows Vaughn made it back right? I’m loving that Prison Break is downplaying their major character deaths. Nothing worse than all week being told SOMETHING BIG IS COMING.

Mike’s wife is psycho! Crazy woman! Point and Match Lincoln. Love doesn’t turn you into the cops baby. It just leaves a door open.

This episode was a thousand times better than last week. This only proves more exciting storylines are needed for Sucre and C-Note fast.

Previews: Twitchy Tweener’s busted?! Sucre finds his woman. Hehehehe Linc’s going to get street thug on T-bag while Michael mocks his accent.


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