A Donut Break

Prison Break 2.03. A recapplet straight from memory.

Lincoln is still smoking hot. Governor Tancredi is a shady dude fixing to get tangled up in the One Giant Conspiracy. I foresee a bullet in his head. Sarah goes back to meetings along with her new shadow named Kellerman.

Sucre is in love. It’s going to get him caught. C-Note too, but at least he’s a little smoother about it. Abruzzi, Tweener, T-bag and Haywire all are MIA. The downside to our Merry Bandits being broken up.

As the greatand obvious misdirection, no one died. I tend to expect deaths only in November, February and May. Just Michael being smarter than Mr. FBI. But Bellick suddenly is aware of his former inmates’ intentions. I dunno, Michael. I still think Veronica Mars is smarter than all of you.

Speaking of VM, I noticed a fro-less Percy Diggs III in an episode of Freaks and Geeks. F&G just keeps getting better. Another great F&G/VM crossover: Samm Levine is listed in the IMDB credits for an upcoming episode of VM. Hmm, I wonder why Teddy Dunn is still listed as well. I’m going to have to give up Netflix soon for cable and TiVo. I’ll just have to finish Buffy next summer. At least my VM DVDs are home. I love getting text messages that read “You have to tell me who is at the door!!” and random frantic calls of “I can’t believe she just kissed him?!”

So in the last two days I’ve watched the first 8 episodes of VM S2. My conclusion is: I love Duncan. Not necessarily for Veronica, just in general I love Duncan.I don’t feel the need to justify my love. I know the arguments for and against. I don’t care. I’m a sucker for the good guy.


One response to “A Donut Break

  1. I’m glad you love Duncan. I’m a Logan girl myself, but I think Teddy Dunn and Duncan both get a bad rap in the whole VM fan world.

    The picture you included with your post is such a sweet moment for them. It just makes me “awww”.

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