Fresh Air on Mars

Could it be?! Here we are one month plus from new Veronica Mars (and Battlestar Galactica). Now Variety is reporting that VM will be premiered a week earlier online.

I made some wishful thinking about S3 of Mars back in June:

Veronica Mars
I hope Dick Casablancas gets on reality TV. And Logan, who does have a knowledge of show business and the funds, could get into producing or being Dick’s agent. I hope he and Veronica stay friends who can’t get their love worked out. I want to see Veronica actually have to WORK to get a guy. Just once. Then we can go back to her batting her eyes. I want to see Wallace have a meaningful arc. As well as Keith thrust into something besides the mystery of the week. Mac should get a job with the Feds. As for Veronica, I hope she gets thrown into something darker. Maybe with the Fitzpatricks or Lamb. And just when her life starts to work out, enter Lianne.

I stick by my thoughts. I know Veronica herself will never be that dark, but that’s okay. I have another outlet.

Battlestar Galactica Season 3 promo pics. Mmm Apollo and Helo, how I’ve missed you.


One response to “Fresh Air on Mars

  1. It’s hard for me to decide whether I want to watch it online a week earlier or wait until it shows on TV. The TV experience is far more optimal, but there’s the risk of getting spoiled in the interim week. Alas!

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