Monday Madness

A little diddy and a Prison Break summary.

I rented the last disc of the Veronica Mars season 2 just for the extras. If you don’t already love KBell, you will after watching that. Freaks and Geeks just keeps getting better and better. Linda Cardellini is more awesome than ER.

Prison Break! 2.01

Previously, LJ got framed for double homicide. Veronica left new Steadman’s house in two bags. Lincoln is smoking hot in a suit. Three of the Merry Bandits are adios for a time. Abruzzi makes an ominous remark about seeing Michael again. I’d like to take that bet. Michael’s best delivery are nonverbal reactions.

The Burger King guy still freaks me out. As much as I hate reality TV, Duets looks interesting.

T-bag is still somehow alive and now the vet is not. Gotta say, I’m not surprised, but still really creeped out. Prison Break 2.0 death count = 2. Lincoln calls LJ with a helpful clue but Mr. FBI is right there with him.

Linc and Michael are stopped and recognized. Um, yeah, Linc, way to really hide your Most Wanted Face. Bellick is fired. What a sad lonely man. Mr. FBI breaks up the bust LJ out of prison party. Tweener’s a regular Artful Dodger.

And I just realized how absolutely not much happened in this episode. Previews: Sarah’s arrested! Maybe they can bust her out now too! Someone’s going to die or at least fake it really well. They are trying to make it look like Sucre, so naturally I think it’s C-Note. Who ever it is, I hope it makes up for this week.


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