Great Characters

Following some other leads, here’s a list of characters I think are great. Only in the order I thought of them. I also made myself only choose one from a show which was hard. Thinking back on all my TV watching I realize…I watched a lot of cartoons.

1. Sean Hunter, Boy Meets World– Gen Y’s not so bad boy. Truly great character development for a TGIF show. He was tortured but surrounded by an unwavering support group. He made it through rebellion and finished out as an artist.

2. Miss Parker, The Pretender– I was devastated when this show was cancelled. In my mind, Miss Parker is THE tough chick to which I compare all. The whole story arc with her love Thomas still brings tears to my eyes.

3. Marshall Flinkman, Alias– Comic gold beautifully wrapped up in an action world. Sure, we all drool over Vaughn, but you know the highlight of the show was Marshall explaining this week’s gagdet.

4. Inara, Firefly– She was the ultimate contrast to the rest of the crew and I always wanted to know more about her as a person. Elegant, giving and hopelessly in love with Mal, perhaps pride was her only flaw. You know, if you’re okay with the whole space hooker thing.

5. Starbuck, Battlestar Galactica– I don’t even care about the 70s version. There are no deadweight characters on Galactica. Starbuck’s balance between sheer strength and raw vulnerability relates pain and hope.

6. T-bag, Prison Break– Seriously, could he be any creepier?

7. Mac, Veronica Mars– Sure, Roni and Logan are why there’s a cult following in Neptune, but she is the eternal scene stealer. I’m excited to see more of her this year especially in grief over Cassidy.

8. Wally Cleaver, Leave it to Beaver– I’m sorry but I’m so in love with him. I wish we could have another Wally character on TV today. I still believe in the good boy next door. Hmm maybe that’s why I loved Jack MacCallister on Jack & Bobby…

9. Chandler Bing, Friends – I will always find sarcasm hilarious. What Friends did so right was balancing types of humor and using a specific character or two to channel it.

10. Clarissa Darling, Clarissa Explains it all– I guess I’m really pegging my age with this one but no matter how bad this show was, she was still a fun character. The outfits!! I need to put this on my Netflix asap.

11. Tom Quinn, MI-5– Like if you fused Sydney Bristow and Vaughn into one character…and threw in a British accent.

12. Bill Haverchuck, Freaks and Geeks– So it should be no surprise to you that I was in the geek crowd. And I knew several Bills.

13. Geoffrey, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air– While I’m outing all the silly sitcoms I loved as a kid, I gotta give props to another great scene stealer. Who knew you could top Will Smith?

14. Bob, Related– I don’t care the show was panned and canned. Bob had to put up with four sisters and that’s just not something every man can handle.

15. Mr. Bean– Falling asleep and then falling out of the chair, always taking out the three wheeled car, in church…Another Netflix must.

16. Michael Blouth, Arrested Development– This is like trying to choose a favorite out of The Office, but Bateman’s straight man and reactions to his crazy family kill me. Which is why I’ll pick…

17. Dwight Schrute, The Office– The only way I can pick ONE from The Office is to ask myself: If I could only watch one of them for an hour, which would make the laugh the most?

18. Emily Gilmore, Gilmore Girls– Always in true form, never waivering, and truly the best supporting actress on tv.

19. Monk– He makes me feel so normal.

20. Dr. Cox, Scrubs– Can’t go wrong. If only I could whistle…


5 responses to “Great Characters

  1. Can you refresh my memory — what was the storyline with Ms Parker and Thomas? I think I’d stopped watching by the time they got into any meaty love stories.

  2. She met him because Jarod set them up. (she wasn’t too happy about that part at first). Thomas was persistant about persuing her and it was the only time in the series she was actually happy. and then the Centre, well Mr. Raines, had him killed.

  3. Bummer, but thanks for the explanation!

  4. Wow, some of this was a great blast from the past! I miss Jack & Bobby – Remind me why I didn’t date Matt Long when I went to school with him at Western???

  5. I had TOTALLY forgotten about Clarissa Explains It All. I have the worst memory, I loved that show.

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