Prison Break 201 recapplet

Prison Break!! MANHUNT.

I’ll leave the long recap to TWoP. But they take a week to post. So in the meantime, my thoughts while watching the new episode.

Obligatory Spoiler Warning.

Nice handling of “welcome to the show” flashbacks. If you missed season one, Michael tattooed a plan to bust his brother Lincoln out of jail. Yes, it took them all season. Yes, there were a lot of obstacles. No, no one cares about the plausibility. If you’re hung up on that, you just don’t understand the point of watching TV. Points for filming in Dallas. In the nasty summer heat. For those outside of Texas, we’re talking 90+ for a couple of months. Al Gore almost had to protest bringing Wentworth over the state line.

Mr. FBI, whose name I’d look up but IMDB is a tad behind, scours over Michael’s notes to get inside his head. He’s the first person since Sarah to find it odd that Michael’s a structural engineer. Points for detail orientation. You’ll do fine chasing him. Hate to tell you, Mr. FBI, but Michael’s probably going to stay ahead in this game. You know, you’ll get close in November, February, and May. But in the end, One Giant Conspiracy will probably be your demise.

Running through woods in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Part of me wants to call foul on out running the train, but I’ve been stopped by some seriously slow poke Texas trains.

Fancy new credits. I wonder if the Yaris is as good as Toyota would like me to think because my car has been given a year to live. Oh and Simon Cowell has decided to publicly mock celebrities now. I’m sure it’ll be a hit. Fox has yet another show about legal proceedings. What did we watch on TV before procedurals?

Mr. FBI tries to act like a noble hero but that pretty much guarantees you’ve got some shadiness. I’m calling it now. One Giant Conspiracy is putting a bullet in your head.

Sarah’s looking much too pretty to be nearly dead. Oh and visions of Michael are keeping her alive. Join the club darling.

Veronica’s storyline still boring? Check. But now she’s trapped with new Steadman. Why is every conspiracy on a federal government level? What? Are there no local conspiracies anymore?

Abruzzi takes a little girl hostage to save the Merry Bandits. C-Note finds this despicable. Seriously, C-Note the dude’s a don of a crime family. This is him playing nice. See Abruzzi knows how to keep his conspiracies in the family. Better control and all.

T-bag’s using a vet to put his hand back. I gotta blow the whistle with a flag here. Big time bogus. His hand is going to make it? He isn’t going to bleed to death in the woods? I mean, I wasn’t expecting a Dr. Romano dance with a helicopter type arm the rest of the season. The green screen would cost way more than just a plain ol’ hook. I guess a hook would only make teaching little children their times tables even more creepy.

Michael is smart. Mr. FBI is smart. Michael had a headstart, so the score is still one zip.

BOOYA. The best and first bullet of the 06-07 season. Take note Smallville writers. Boring characters make for extravagant deaths. Killing T-bag would’ve been dumb. Killing Veronica makes those of us following from the beginning love you even more.

Previews: LJ!! Aww that kid’s seen a lot of blood. I hope they can bust him out. Oh and Tweener’s new haircut.

What I loved: New scenery, new plot. No more boring Veronica.

What I missed: Haywire!! Oh and Abruzzi saying “I’m going to unpimp your cah”

Why Prison Break is a great show: The plot just gives them something to do. The characters are alienated from society. Their story is about brotherly love, sacrifice and trust. And it keeps you on the edge of your seat.


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