Friday Roundup

First a week of vacation followed by a nightmare called my office when I returned. I’m seriously thankful today is Friday and now suddenly nostaglic for Boy Meets World.

My California Trip:
If you love Gilmore Girls, then you should take the WB Studio Tour. This time we got to see inside the DragonFly Inn and Yale sets. Scott Patterson rode by us on a bicycle and TJ was just chilling in a chair in front of Mrs. Kim’s house. I’m 99% positive I saw Alexis from about a hundred yards away…but she was walking away from I never saw her face. The only other actor spotted was a guy from Cold Case but since I don’t watch it, I’m not sure which one.

I didn’t realize how much I was missing VM till I went nuts in the museum over costumes from the pilot. An argyle sweater of Duncan’s, a leather jacket for Weevil, Logan’s jacket and Lilly’s blood-soaked pep squad uniform along with Veronica’s first day of school outfit. I knew KBell was short like me but seriously….

Side note:
For all those over 5’4″ let me let you in on something. There’s short and there’s petite. They aren’t the same thing. I’m 5’2″ and I’m just short. KBell is PETITE. Oh my goodness, I couldn’t have gotten one leg in those jeans. Good thing I’m confident in my body image otherwise I would’ve had issues.

Back to TV:
Since I’ve been home I finished Firefly/Serenity. OOOOH such love for Joss Whedon. I’m now determined to finish Buffy. And Angel. And anything else Joss. His humor, his character development, his buildup of love relationships…pass me a browncoat…

Seriously why had I never heard of this show before? It really came out in 1999?? My first knowledge of this show was when Serenity came out in theaters. Shame on you, Fox, for your lousy marketing. We’ll add Firefly in front of Arrested Development on your list of sins.

I was devestated by certain deaths…I was thrilled by loves. Though River still kinda freaks me out.

For the love of all things British and my serious BSG craving (where are the webisodes?!?!) , I’m loving MI-5. I’m excited to hear from Matt Roush that A&E is going to start airing it again since I’ll be subscribing to cable at the end of the month. MI-5 is as intense as say Alias but far more realistic. Well, no Rimbaldi so far.

I think the next disc of Buffy is coming today along with Freaks & Geeks. I know absolutely nothing about this show except that it has Jason Segel (HIMYM) and Linda Cardellini (ER) in it. And random tidbit came from the commentary on Lollilove.


3 responses to “Friday Roundup

  1. I’m glad you had such a great time out in Cali. I’ve never taken the WB studio tour, but your glowing endorsement makes me think I’ll definitely have to add it to my list. Where did you see the VM costumes?

  2. At Warner Bros as part of the tour, they have a museum of costumes and props from many of their shows. There’s a lot from Friends and Harry Potter. But there was one little corner that had a huge “Neptune Pirates” sign over it. That’s when I freaked.

  3. Ahhhhhh.


    (Kicks self)

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