Neptune Anyone?

Through random events, our travel plans now include San Diego for Friday. Will I be on the lookout for all things VM? Does a yellow Xterra make your heart skip a beat?

Seriously I’m in love with California. I know that takes some Texan points away from me but mountains plus beach. *sigh* You can’t top that.

Please someone give me a job out here! I’m a writer with a business degree and experience in an office.

Now THIS is a great VM promo. Thanks to GMMR and The TV Addict for passing it along.

In other TV news, I don’t watch Lost, but might just have to start if Kiele Sanchez is joining. I miss Related. It had such potential. Those girls really sounded like sisters. At least it was better than say..Pepper Dennis. Who wasn’t in love with Bob?!

2 responses to “Neptune Anyone?

  1. There aren’t words for how much I love this promo. Do you know where it was aired?

  2. Whoops – I figured it out. It is so, so awesome. Makes me sad I didn’t go to Comic-Con!

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