We’re somewhere between Season 2 and 3 of VM. October 3 is a ways away. I wonder if the premiere will mention the anniversary of Lilly Kane’s death. But something from season 2 still is bothering me..

In 2×20, home of the infamous Epic scene, Lucky acts and talks very off balanced. You can tell there are some cards missing. Especially his nervous laugh as he’s showing Gia those weapons…

But in 2×18, where we are collectively distracted by LoVe in the backseat of the Xterra, Lucky speaks very normally and clearly.

Is this a character thing or a continunity thing? This still confuses me.

That Epic scene is what convinced me that Bell is one of TV’s best actors. A look, a shiver, a deep breath. I concede I don’t know the first thing about acting, but I know a little bit about body language and she sells scenes before she even speaks.

Go ahead. You know you want to watch it again:


2 responses to “Lucky…

  1. Love this scene. KBell’s body langauge is spot-on. Every breath, blink, and twitch tells a story.

    As for the “Lucky is crazy” thing, it’s hard to tell. In 2×18, we are in the middle of Logan’s flashback, so it’s possible he’s just not describing Lucky in a jittery way at that point (though it looks like he was careful to describe how hot Veronica was for her man!). 😉

  2. true. the focus of his story was more about the two of them than Lucky. prompting the hilarious “Hey, does this story have a point?” outburst. i guess that is the difference. Logan wasn’t really telling about Lucky, except that he was the one interrupting them.

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