Weekend Update

is going to stink without Tina Fey. Yeah, that was the only thing worth watching on SNL.

Note of Interest: reading on Ron Moore’s blog I figured out that I can now be on the lookout for Starbuck in SoCal….yessss

~MI-5 (Spooks if you live in Britain) is rockin’ awesome. Just when you think “no, they won’t…” you have a “WHOA. I can’t believe” moment. Tom O’Quinn is lovely. And he was Darcy in the new P&P movie, which just made that version go up two cool points in my book.

~Buffy is growing on me. Angel is absolutely dreamy and I might just have to start watching Bones again. The one liners are hysterical and I will continue watching just for that.

~Firefly– Okay, don’t hate but I’m not in love yet. In fact, I almost couldn’t finish the pilot. It’s a sci fi western and I’ve yet to find a western that I like. Ever. I just don’t like them. I’m a country Texas gal who digs cowboys but I cannot watch a western to save my life. All that being said, I will finish the season and the movie. I love how nonchalant Mal is about violence…which is probably more telling of me than the show.

~Speaking of Texas gals, Kelly Clarkson puts on a great concert. I hate American Idol and didn’t see her year, if that adds anything to the previous statement. Props to Kelly for being a normal shaped woman. Let’s put these women on magazines.

Just because I found this incredibly funny- from YouTube someone’s VM S3 credits…to the Buffy theme song.


One response to “Weekend Update

  1. I’m going to see KC’s concert on Thursday (Kelly Clarkson, that is, not KC and the Sunshine Band). Glad to hear she puts on a great show!

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