Marketing the Girls Night

Nine days til my vacation to SoCal. Nine days to prepare something cool to say in the event I see anyone from VM, The Office, or BSG. Twelve days to prepare cool things to say to anyone from the cast of Gilmore Girls since I’ll be at the WB Studios.

I’ve been thinking more about marketing CW shows, specifically the only two I care about. The demographic in pursuit is 18-34. But who’s going to watch the so boringly dubbed “Girls Night”? 18-34 women. I’m not saying guys don’t watch GG & VM. I’ve personally converted at least two guys to Gilmore and one guy to Mars through DVDs. But those guys only gave it a chance while watching with their women.

The CW needs market the shows in the areas they are alike:

  • Strong, independent…– Lor working the Inn and Roni’s camera wielding
  • …Fast snarking… – um pick any random moment on either of these shows
  • …but vulnerable…– That (should been Emmy winning) scene where Lorelai cries over a sick Paul Anka + Roni’s elevator breakdown
  • beautiful women. – I can’t think of scenes I would use at this moment because now I’m mad again that Graham and Bell were ignored by the Emmys. Moving on…

But there are stark difference between these shows. CW, pay attention. If you try to make these shows more alike in these areas, you’ve boarded the short bus.

  • Tone: Gilmore’s a disfunctional but loving, light-hearted, family saga. Mars is as dark as network TV can be with an emphasis on power, violence and corruption.
  • Plot: Lor gets a one up on her parents, rebuilds her relationship with her kid, and is able to enjoy life. Roni’s able to catch a crook and keep those she loves alive for one more day.
  • Character Development: Two smart women who react very differently under pressure. Veronica’s marshmellow filling is hidden behind many walls of bitterness. Lorelai relies on her quirks to hide the fact that her heart is on her sleeve.

In other news, Buffy is really funny. The throwaway one liners are cracking me up. I didn’t expect to like Xander and Willow that much. MI-5 blows my mind but I apparently am attracted to dark shows. I’ll start Firefly as soon as this Buffy disc is finished.


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