Blonde, snarky and dangerous

I’m seeing a potential career path for myself here..

Blonde, snarky, jaded, tough chick. Check.
Cool in her own way, brilliant sidekick. Check.
Pining but mostly in the way suitor. Check.
Yoda like father figure. Check.

Veronica Mars starts October 3…wait. I’m watching Buffy Season 1 this week..

So that’s my less than clever way of saying that I see why the two are often compared. There are character similarities while no plot references. Seeing Alyson Hannigan and Charisma Carpenter almost ten years younger is tripping me out. My only exposure to them so far had been VM and HIMYM. I’m two and half episodes in. It’s entertaining but I’m not completely sold on it. But if after season 1 it’s only vampire of the weeks storylines, I’m bailing. But I guess I haven’t seen enough of Angel to really pass judgment yet.

Instead of doing a Buffy marathon though, the next two discs coming will be MI-5 S1 and Firefly S1. I’m still anticipating MI-5, but bumping BSG to the top of the queue was a great call. Just don’t make me choose between The Office, Veronica Mars and Battlestar Galactica.


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