I dream of Helo.

I don’t usually remember my dreams mostly because I haven’t been sleeping enough. But last night, I rewatched pieces of the BSG season 2 finale before bedtime. I dreamed about Helo. Mmmm. I’m not sure if I was supposed to Starbuck or just myself…as I am a tamer version of Starbuck. But it makes me wonder if there will ever be some Helo/Starbuck flirtation.

BSG Spoiler Warning if you haven’t finished Season 2.

Rosebud was the sled. Oh wait.

I wonder what happened to the Sharon on Galactica in the year jump. Because Helo was either in Gaeta’s position or Dualla’s. I wasn’t sure. Adama only called him “Lieutenant”and he was in the CIC wearing an officer’s uniform. Anyways. I hope this means more Helo for Season 3 and some non Cylon love for him.

I also want ANDERS BACK! Please Ron D. Moore. Don’t kill Anders just because. I don’t care that the whole Caprican world wants Starbuck and Apollo together. They are more like brother and sister at this point. He would have to toughen up a bit and she would have to soften up a bit before they would ever work. That’s not sexist or traditionalist or whatever archaic term you want to label it. It’s just honest truth. Mostly I just drool over Anders even more so than Apollo. (Don’t throw rocks, people. I’m just saying…if Jamie Bamber could use his British accent though…) . I would love to see Starbuck trying to be her usual rebel on Galactica and trying to be a wife at the same time.

I had another one of those “Why do I recognize him” moments and thankfully IMDb says that Anders is also Uncle Cooper on OTH.

Yes I watch OTH. Yes I know it’s TV refuse. It’s a stupid soap opera. I got hooked on summer reruns. I can’t tear my eyes off of the trainwreck and I watch just to see how good Sophia Bush can play in scenes with CMM.

Netflix says Buffy season 1, disc 1 is on its way to my house. Let the slaying begin.

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