Why is October so far away?!

Season 3 Battlestar Galactica trailer. Followed by spoiler chatter.

I watched it three times. Tight with an eye patch?! Anders was talking! Sharon but no Helo…I’m sure I heard the words “This is Kara, your mother.” It was that Leoben cylon holding a kid looking at Starbuck.


4 responses to “BSGS3!!!

  1. Well, who was the person toward the end asking to be shot? Why is Starbuck in jail? Did the cylons make a kid out of whatever they stole out of Starbuck’s body in “The Farm”???

  2. Ok I think they took Kara hostage (farm?!) and Anders & gang were trying to bust her out.

    As far as “Shoot!” I *think* it might be Helo. Or Baltar. I can’t tell. It’s NOT Tigh, Apollo, or Adama. The only other male voice I can think is the Chief.

  3. I read something somewhere that said it was Baltar. And since he might be hating himself for the whole ’caused Cylon return and subsequent human surrender’ thing, it makes sense.

  4. Oh, and on the ‘why is October so far away’ note, you do know we have to wait till Oct 3 for the VM premiere, right?

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