Back to the Hollow

It’s hot. My current crush is gone for the summer. My job is boring and there’s nothing on TV that really keeps me glued. I’m officially over summer. Bring on the fall! TV! Football! Turkey!

The greatest news of all is I convinced my old roomie and soon to be traveling partner to switch our vacation destination to SoCal! First on the list of MUST see: Stars Hollow. I went to Burbank on the short tour of the WB Studios over a year ago. Notable moment: 3 feet from Matt Czuchry. I swooned like a 12 year old and literally gasped “Oh my goodness it’s Logan”. Our guide laughed at me. It didn’t matter because I now have a picture of myself in front of Luke’s diner. So I’m going back and we’re taking the longer tour. I’m determined to meet Lauren Graham. But this time I’ll be prepared with something cool to say.

Mostly I want to tell Lauren that I don’t worry about S6 of GG at all!! I know I’m the cheese standing alone over here. But seriously you would have to the be the world’s worst writer to ruin a show as strong at Gilmore Girls. Those characters write themselves. As for Lorelai left in a proverbial corner, she was never going be the same after her major rift with Rory. Season 5 was a downward spiral for a woman who’s only major life drama since her teenage pregnancy was her love life.

So here’s my suggestions for a successful Season 6:

  1. Lorelai, coming out of a horrific year, should be stronger, wittier, bolder and quirkier. Run with her natural tendencies and perhaps give her a new OCD besides the dog. (Seriously the last entertaining dog was Eddie on Fraiser..the scene stealer!)
  2. Bring back Season 1 Rory with an edge. She was the more mature one. She was the stable one. She was the straightman for all of Lorelai’s craziness. Together they are hilarious like that. Obviously our corn starch turned boat thief babe can’t be that innocent girl anymore. Rory’s done a bit of growing up. But if you re-center Rory as Lorelai returns to her usual flightiness, the dynamic that made this show spark at the beginning will resurface.
  3. Let Paris be Paris. And Sookie. And Kirk. And Patty. And Taylor. But in small doses. The supporting cast of GG is a vast and rich well of entertaining beats waiting to be broken. Just don’t over dip.
  4. Logan should have his own voice. Logan should never sound like Dean or Jess or some hybrid. If there are any comparisons, it should be to Christopher. A man with sense and spontaneity, Logan should be the exact type of a man that would attract both the Lor’s and Rory’s of the world.
  5. Leave the season long arcs for shows with a stronger premise. Comedies tend to be more character based (Seinfeld, The Office, M*A*S*H) while dramas need more plot (Lost, ER, 24) to move character development along. Gilmore Girls is a COMEDY. I know that’s hard for some people to accept, but it is. It’s just not the three camera laugh track variety.
  6. Don’t dumb down the dialogue. That’s my only fear of Team Palladinos departure.

Here’s some beats to try: Rory, following Hep Alien as their number 1 fan, becomes a great music journalist. Lorelai tries speed dating. Lorelai takes up some outrageous new hobbies to ends up acting more like Kirk for her comfort. Richard and Emily try to treat Logan like one of the girls.

Note: Yes, I’ve left out anything about Luke. The jury is still out on how his character should change. If I think of something I deem clever, I’ll let you know.


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