Battlestar Galactica: Why You Must Watch

Great characters, dynamic writing and acting, riveting CGI fight scenes, and a strong dose of reality make this one of the best television shows period. It’s omission from the Emmys is a travesty. If you haven’t seen this show, please just rent the miniseries and give it a chance.

Entertainment pleases the senses. We use it to escape whatever burdens trouble our mind. Art provokes thought. Art asks us to look in a mirror and examine what we see. Sometimes art and entertainment meet and take our imagination to far reaches for a thrill ride. The journey leaves us with deeper understanding.

Heavy stuff for just a sci fi show, right? Not really. On the surface, it’s humans versus Cylons; war versus peace, good versus evil. The consequences of free choice, the perils of leadership, and the love that holds us together are at the heart of Galactica. It’s not about goblins and gagets. It’s about humanity and what it means. It brings you back to the two questions every human must ask himself: Where did we come from and where are we going?

It’s the end of the World…
Maybe we don’t ponder enough what the end of the world would be like. A catastrophic event would bring out the best and worst of people.


When the Cylons, intelligent robots created by man, decide to take over the world, the humans have to survive the elements and each other while outrunning their fierce opponent.

Wise and worn, Admiral Adama was ready to retire when the Cylons nuked Caprica. He may have a weak family life and weaker faith but his moral convictions and strength of character never waver. After he’s shot, he reveals his once bottled emotions with a passion few imagined him capable. He’s the glue holding the humanity together.

Comforting and compelled, Laura Roslin is everything a strong and gentle woman should be. She juggles professional and personal crises with the poise and grace you can only find in a traumatic event. With months to live, this loving school teacher transforms into a stellar president.

Distinguished and duplicitous, Dr. Gaius Baltar is the last living celebrity of the Colonies. He teeters between traitor and savior; his house of cards may be missing a few out of the deck. But despite his quirks, very few keep a suspicious eye as he hides in plain sight.

Sultry and sly, Number Six represents ultimate perfection. This toaster packs a subtle but effective punch. She began the holocaust on Caprica, she torments the fleet’s advisor and she’ll be the one to beat if mankind has a prayer.

Loyal and lost, Apollo believes in freedom and struggles with family. His journey is split between trying to please his father and finding himself. He carries on his shoulders enough hope and determination to save the world.

Bold and broken, Starbuck is out to prove everything and nothing. Her passion blinds her judgment; her ferocity barely outweighs her vulnerability. Even before the toasters, this self loathing fighter grapples for inner peace. It may be the war to save the world, but to her it’s personal.

Battlestar Galactica Season 3 begins October 6 on the Sci Fi Channel. The miniseries (which is the pilot) and Season one are on DVD. The second half of Season Two is available through iTunes or on DVD September 19. Check it out.

So Say We All.


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