Happy Happy Joy Joy!!

I should put some old school Ren & Stimpy on my Netflix queue. Coming tomorrow is Pride & Prejudice. The BBC Colin Firth version. Don’t hate but I haven’t seen it yet. I’m looking forward.

My celebration is figuring out how to work iTunes tonight!! And downloading the rest of Season 2 of Battlestar Galactica!!! I’m stoked. I wish I could stay up all night and watch the rest. Once I see the end, I want to discuss Starbuck’s character. I wish all shows were available through this medium. It would be so much cheaper than cable. Let’s be honest I’m only getting cable for VM, GG, BSG and ESPN. I can’t live without football. Maybe VH1. It’s always fun to count how many times they use “quintessential” in an hour.

I’m going through serious VM craving and my DVDs are still in Ohio. FYI: Almost the entire second season and most of the first season are on YouTube in pieces. But I want NEW VM. I can’t wait to see how the characters will change. I hope there’s snarky dialogue between Dick and Mac. I reckon Mac’s going to either be oddly okay with it all or really messed up. Considering Neptune, my guess is somewhere in between. Unlike some in the internet world, I’m stoked Veronica’s going to have another love interest. Jealousy is a good color on Logan. Plus they aren’t ready to be together. And I’m all for some fresh eye candy.

PLEASE Rob and fellow Slave Rats, can Veronica have to work to get the guy at least once? It would just be amusing to me. That’s my only reason 🙂


One response to “Happy Happy Joy Joy!!

  1. Ohhh, BBC P&P is the only way to go. The power of Colin Firth’s gaze and his sheer manliness will make you go all mushy inside.

    I got a little spoiled for VM reading your post, but I don’t mind. I agree that bringing someone new in for Veronica would be a good thing. I don’t want some arbitrary obstacles throw in V & L’s way, but I do want to see them work for it.

    Actually, as you say, it would be REALLY interesting to see Veronica work to win over Logan, since the menfolk just seem to fall at her feet. (And can you blame them?) Probably Logan is the one she’s had to work hardest for already.

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