Three words: Graham, Bell, Galactica

And the Emmy goes to:


I have a suggestion. Let’s not watch the Emmys this year. We shouldn’t reward people who clearly don’t watch TV with good ratings.

I am happy for The Office and Arrested Development. But that doesn’t excuse Stockard Channing for Out of Practice. Are you kidding me? And you can’t find ONE place for anything VM, GG or BSG?

Oh, I get it. They only get 3 channels on their TV. I had that problem last year. I only got CBS, Fox and PBS. That’s how I got hooked on Big Brother and One Tree Hill repeats last summer. (Our WB airs on Fox.) Little did I know while I only had the TV on for background noise, somewhere in the waves were my new two favorite shows. I would’ve sprung for cable. Anything would’ve been worth having Logan and Apollo in my life.

Speaking of, I’m almost through with S2.0 of BSG. And 2.1 doesn’t come out till September?? Are there any legal places to download the rest of season 2?! I accidently spoiled myself (via Ask Matt Roush) to the finale of season 2 and I’m dying to see what happened now.


One response to “Three words: Graham, Bell, Galactica

  1. If you’ve got iTunes, I think you can buy the rest of season 2 on there. (I don’t have it, so I’m not 100% sure.)

    And yes, the Emmys are crap.

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