Independence Day

Welcome to Earth! HA! Still one of my favorite action flicks. More Will Smith movies, please.

Note: I’m really glad that the Cylons are not little green men. There’s something about aliens on TV that begin to annoy me. Probably because the point of a traditional alien character is how different he is from me. And good characters are supposed to be relatable to the audience. Clark Kent is very human and the Cylons are human, so they get a free pass.

Sorry for the serious BSG kick, but Veronica Mars isn’t on and I can’t see the reruns because I don’t have that channel. Otherwise I would be going on and on about how I think Logan was before Lilly died.

Have you seen that failed pilot “Nobody’s Watching”? Clever premise. But it kept breaking in and out of the fourth wall. That bothered me. The fact that a premise can’t sustain a show and only one of the characters was intriguing also makes me see why it failed. The one character I liked, Will, I couldn’t figure out why I was drawn to him. Until yesterday as I was watching the commentary on BSG and Ronald Moore explained why Billy couldn’t escape Galatica with Roslin. Turns out the actor had a pilot to do for the WB and they weren’t sure he’d be back. Insert light bulb here. Will = Billy = Paul Campbell. Now I’m really glad that dumb pilot didn’t get picked up. I would’ve been mad if Billy left BSG.

I wish The Office was an hour long. Only Dwight could make a concussion hilarious. Even funnier is the last three people I’ve forced to watch it have all said, “Do they ever actually do work? What are they supposed to be doing?”

Dunder Mifflin. For all your paper and JAM needs.


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