It’s Who they are, not What they do

Character development, character development, character development. That’s what makes great TV.

BSG update: I’ve seen through S2E1. Between getting my novel ready to send partials and helping out with my nieces, I just can’t watch as much as I’d like. And I’m on the edge wondering how Starbuck and Helo are going to get back to Galactica.

The BSG commentaries are so informative. It’s all about how production issues affect the creative and how characters develop as a result.

See it’s the characters on Galactica that make it so riveting. I could write a thesis on how on the money Starbuck is when you consider what makes this tough chick melt into hysterics. Now the plots on BSG are awesome too. “33” is still by far my favorite episode followed by the season one finale.

If you think about it, the characters are why Prison Break is gripping. Every episode is basically the same: Michael is messed up in the next part of his escape plan. Next season it will be: Michael is foiled and almost caught as they try to exonerate Linc. I’ll be glued to the screen.

I just hope that if the ’06-’07 season is another slaugherfest in TV world, the writers will choose to off their deadweight characters in a spectacular fashion instead of relying on the shock value of killing a great character.

Case in point: Smallville killed off Jonathan Kent…instead of Lana Lang….and that was the last episode of Smallville I saw. Note to Al & Miles: Chloe is the best one you’re not using.

If there’s interest from all three of my usual readers, I’ll start blogging on great characters and why we obsess over them.


One response to “It’s Who they are, not What they do

  1. Word.

    For me, characters are what matter. Period. If I don’t care about or like any of them, then no matter how twisty a plot is or how great the special effects or action, I’m going to lose interest.

    That’s how it went with me and Lost. I’m not saying Lost is a bad show. In fact, I think it’s well-written and decently paced and all that stuff. I’m just saying that I stopped watching somewhere along the way because I didn’t care about anyone on the island, and the crazy mystery of it all wasn’t enough to keep me along for the ride.

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