It’s Emmy Time.

I’ll be sitting in the alto section of the chorus singing praises for Battlestar Galactica. I was hooked after the miniseries. I just finished Season 1 and my mouth will remain open untill I see what happens to Adama and Boomer and I can see how Starbuck and Helo will get off Caprica.

And this coming from a girl who doesn’t particularly care for Sci Fi. I mean, I like Star Wars and the old Star Trek is so ridiculous it’s great. If you take the mythology from Star Wars and the technology from Star Trek, shake out the little green men and insert raw human drama, you get Galactica. Except for the action sequences, you can almost forget it’s set in space. I could go on and on about the different characters and why their development has been beatiful, but it’s Emmy Time.

I’ve got fingers crossed to see how the new Emmy voting works. Mostly, I hope they finally acknowledge more than just the “popular” shows. Popular and good don’t always coincide. Two words, Mr. Emmy. Veronica Mars

Here’s my short list of likely to be snubbed but who should ACTUALLY win:
-Lauren Graham, comedic actress
-Kristen Bell, dramatic actress (only b/c Lauren & Kristen can’t both win at once..)
Battlestar Galactica, drama series. I know I’ve just broken away from Veronica Mars as a series, but I honestly believe BSG would appeal to more people than VM. I dunno. What do audiences hate more: sci fi or teen drama?
The Office, comedy series
-Kelly Bishop, supporting dramatic actress
-Robert Knepper, supporting dramatic actor *shudders*
-Rainn Wilson, supporting comedic actor
-???, supporting comedic actress…I think the only comedy I watch anymore is The Office. Come to think of it, I’m having trouble recalling another comedy, besides Scrubs.

All that being said, I absolutely have to get cable in the fall now. There’s no way I could wait for DVDs for VM, GG & BSG.


2 responses to “It’s Emmy Time.

  1. You just finished season one of BSG? Well, get ready to rock, because Season Two is even better, if that’s possible to imagine. Plus, you know you can listen to tons of podcasts with commentary, right?

  2. oh yeah. I watch all the extras. I finished ep 1 last night.

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