Love me some Apollo

Final thoughts on Lollilove: I think there are more dvd extras than actual run time of the film. Jenna is definitely wearing a Dunder Mifflin hat in one of the extras. I cannot wait for S2 of The Office. I am a dvd extras JUNKIE.

Hence why I am now listening to the commentary on the BSG miniseries. Battlestar Galatica has great character development. This commentary goes into great detail about how they make this series different from the Star Treks and Star Wars. I always liked a little sci fi, though it’s not my first choice, but I’m digging the subtle differences in BSG. The flawed characters, flawed technology and real world elements like nukes and cancer make it easier for the viewer to relate. Oh and Apollo is nice to look at.


One response to “Love me some Apollo

  1. Yes, BSG manages to awesomely mix great drama and eye candy. With John Crichton no longer on TV, Apollo will do quite nicely.

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