AD, how I will miss you

I finished my mini marathon of Arrested Development S2. That show really is best viewed in a marathon. So many running gags to catch. I loved the commentaries. I spied three Office stars Darryl, Phyllis and Kevin. If you blink, you’ll miss them. Also in a tiny role in the season finale was SNL’s Adam Samberg. I love George Michael and Maeby. I really hope they find their way to Neptune again. And I’m in love with Jason Bateman.

I watched the movie Lollilove. I think if I hadn’t been so tired and had others watching with me, it would’ve been much funnier. It’s definitely a satire. Some of the things they say are so ridiculous, it’s scary to know people actually think that way. The extras on that dvd are fun too. If you are already in love with Jenna Fischer then you’ll like it.

I was looking at GMMR’s pictures of Kristen Bell and had an odd thought. If Veronica Mars and Kristen Bell met each other in some alternative universe, who would be more impressed by the other?

The things I ponder when our server isn’t working and I want to fall asleep at my desk…

One response to “AD, how I will miss you

  1. I found you through gmmr. Just wanted to say I hope you love MI-5. I know I do. It’s riveting.

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