Gotta LoVe of JAM?

I’m so exhausted I can’t hardly function. I’m basically sitting at my desk doing nothing. Except I started pondering my latest novel and how I’ve written myself into a rut. The action is moving too fast but I still want the time span to only be a day. And I’ve been stuck in this scene for months which means it’s as boring to any reader as it is to me. Something exciting better happen soon.

I also wonder about my two favorite TV couples both left in blissful hiatus limbo. It’s probably in the top three of major TV writing dilemmas. You have two amazing actors with untouchable on-screen chemistry. The fans want it, the characters want it, and possibly the actors want to see happiness for their alter egos. Life is all about conflict and good storytelling is an acurate depiction. But giving in to that satisfaction has ruined even the strongest of TV shows.

So we have all summer to wonder if the sparks can still fly or if there’s a breakup storm on the horizon.

(As always with my blog, I’m not trying to be a journalist or a humorist. This is a shameless and desperate attempt to get noticed just enough to get one iota of writing credential to keep my query out of trash cans all over New York City.)

Here’s my suggestions to keeping the spark alive AND keeping them together.

Logan & Veronica
It’s no secret I sway with the rest when these two are talking with their eyes from across the room. But Logan and Veronica are more powerful when the snark is flying. Even though as characters they aren’t ready to be together forever (both have serious dealing and growing to do), maybe they could have a non-exclusive arrangement. This leaves plenty of room for bickering, jealousy, fragile trust, making up and making out. Remember too that with Sheriff Lamb’s increased screen time, Veronica could never be a complete marshmellow. I could see Logan and Mac exchanging verbal blows, especially if it involved what’s best for Veronica. (This is me dreaming that Veronica’s character takes a slightly darker tone this season.) The final scene with their sarcastic powers combined was beautiful. One word that will make or break them: Trust.

Jim & Pam
He confessed his love. He kissed her like there was no tomorrow. Only Pam’s mom, the camera crew and the audience know. That leaves a whole lot of coworkers in the dark. One thing The Office does well is awkwardness. Jim & Pam could start out in that awkward stage. Hiding their tender moments, talking in code, dealing with the post-Roy aftermath. This could easily go on all season especially if contrasted with Dwight & Angela. Other conflicts could include Jim’s transfer or possible promotion. Or like the British counterpart, taking on the other branch would bring more competition for both of them. One word that will make or break them: Risk


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