Netflix Summer

Two points of interest:
1. Give Me My Remote is going to have an interview with David Denman aka Roy of The Office. Oooh and I just noticed he’s in the upcoming movie Fanboys..also starring…Kristen Bell…more reasons to see that film.

2. Neptune Pirate Radio is going to get an interview with Kyle Gallner aka Cassidy Evil Beaver Casablancas in the next week or so. If you don’t already listen to their podcasts, you really should because they are hilarious. It’s the first podcast I’ve really checked out and I’m glad I did.

I don’t know how these interviews come about. All I know is I am terrible with chitchat conversations, so unless the interview could hook me up with a networking contact to get a(n) 1) agent 2) publishing contract or 3) writing job…I’ll leave it to the blogger pros.

I signed up for Netflix today. Up first: Arrested Development S2, BtVS S1, and MI:5 S1.

Now that I think about it, I’ve seen one episode of Buffy. It was something where she was in a mental hospital and she couldn’t tell which world was the real one. I was greatly confused and not invested in the character. MI:5 is one of those shows I know I would’ve loved except I never could catch it on when I had cable. I’ll probably watch the rest of the series of Buffy and MI:5 next..and then Battlestar Galactica, Felicty, and Roswell.

Please if there’s a TV show out there you feel is a necessity, let me know. I’m not a huge movie buff. Most movies bore me. But with TV shows I can really get into the characters. (Note: I will eventually watch Lost & 24. But I’m waiting till both of those shows are completely finished. Or until I run out of other shows.

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