Fantasy Season 06-07

Since it’s months before my fantasy football league starts back up (Bard’s Blitz came in second last year..even with TO benched and McNabb injured. booya.) I decided to write up how I hope to see in the next TV Season.

Gilmore Girls
I know I’m in a minority but I love Logan Huntzberger. I’d love to see him stick it to his family and become a self made man all at once. I want to see Lorelai get back on her feet with or without a man. I want Rory to do anything but whine. I want to see Paris and Doyle get in engaged and them go through a small arc planning the wedding. Especially if the life coach can make another appearance. Lane and Zach still kinda bother me, so I have no thoughts there. Just no babies for Lane, please. And Christopher, he needs to decide once and for all about Lorelai. All in or all out. Luke has a long way to recover, but he needs to grow up fast or risk losing the best thing that’s ever happened to him.

Prison Break
I hope Michael and Lincoln are in costumes. I hope Sucre pops a cap in his jerk of a cousin. I hope Tweener gets caught. Abruzzi gets his mob status back. And I hope the vicePresident pops a cap in somebody…like Governor Tancredi…so then Sara will be totally free to go find her jailbird.

The Office
JIM AND PAM! JIM AND PAM! But not “out” yet…I hope they try to hide it from the rest of the gang, leaving only the camera crew to catch simple, quiet moments between them. A hand brush, touching her lower back, longing looks. Except if Angela or Dwight sees and is jealous. More of Ryan the temp and Michael could try reading the latest management theory book.

And the one I really have story ideas for…

Veronica Mars
I hope Dick Casablancas gets on reality TV. And Logan, who does have a knowledge of show business and the funds, could get into producing or being Dick’s agent. I hope he and Veronica stay friends who can’t get their love worked out. I want to see Veronica actually have to WORK to get a guy. Just once. Then we can go back to her batting her eyes. I want to see Wallace have a meaningful arc. As well as Keith thrust into something besides the mystery of the week. Mac should get a job with the Feds. As for Veronica, I hope she gets thrown into something darker. Maybe with the Fitzpatricks or Lamb. And just when her life starts to work out, enter Lianne.


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