Status Quo!

I just finished watching High School Musical. It was positively the best tv Disney movie I’ve seen in a long time. And I love cheesy kids movies, so I watch them all. The lead kid is adorable…he used to be on Summerland. Man, I miss Summerland. I know the story was rather predictable, there were way too many characters and it was pure soapy drama, but I loved Johnny and his huge arms. How about it CW? Recycle Shawn Christian? Find a job for him. OOh, and Matt Long (formerly of Jack & Bobby). OH! There’s going to be a High School Musical 2. Here’s my only hang up on the film. But it’s not specific to this movie, this just happens a lot. Just ONCE I’d like to see a character who is okay with being a leader. They can still have obstacles and confidence issues. But this whole prince/heir/leader stock character who wants to run away but rises to the challenge is getting boring.

Speaking of cancelled WB shows, I’m going to miss Reba. They had some real comedic talents. Too bad the writing was juvenile. But it was a cute family comedy.

Does the Geiko lizard have a different accent these days? Am I imagining this?

I’ve watched last night’s The Office marathon 2 1/2 times now. I can’t express how much I love this show. Nothing makes me laugh this hard this often. Nothing. I’m watching Last Comic Standing and it’s clever and I enjoy it but I’m not even smiling. Occasionally a one liner from a brilliant dramedy like GG or VM will make me gasp. But last night when Michael’s ringtone was Mambo #5, when Dwight sang “Ryan started the fire” with Phyllis dancing in the background, Michael and Tim Meadows, when Dwight quoted from Smallville!…I was almost in tears. Loud laughing. Michael totally copped a feel on Jan and I was the only one in the room that saw it. I thought they were going to kick me out.

Speaking of shows that make me laugh, the BEST CARTOON EVER comes out on DVD in July. All the zany goodness of Yakko, Wakko and Dot. I mean, Tiny Toons was cute but Animaniacs was leaps and bounds above everything else. Even at age 10, I knew that cartoon was hilarious. I can’t wait to rewatch it all when I’m old enough to get the Al Gore jokes.

Tomorrow I’m headed to Hastings on a TV DVD hunt. I won’t rent something out of order. My short list to rent:
Battlestar Galatica

Yes, I’m a Buffy virgin. I’m sorry to admit that. I used to wonder why my older siblings got all excited about BtVS. “It’s just a show about vampires right?” I asked. But now that I’ve seen the light on how bad marketing shapes my view of TV shows (yep and VM is just a teen detective story…), I’m willing to give it a try.


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