What a day for daydream

Ok seriously I love the version of that song with Vince Gill and Kermit the Frog…that should tell you how unfocused I am today.

I know a lot of writers would hesitate to put their story ideas out in public, but I want to see this so badly I don’t care who writes it. It needs to happen and soon. All this came about while I was daydreaming along I-45 this weekend. I was pondering a movie script I want to write (but don’t have my twist yet. I hate predictable movies). It’s a romantic comedy. The lead woman would need be late 20s, who can pull off both hot and girl next door looks, can be convincingly serious and spit take hilarious, often in the same scene.

a LONG time ago, when i first thought up this character I thought about Kate Hudson. But then, a few months ago, i became a pirate in spirit. So to imagine my movie in my head, I casted the most obvious answer.

*Michael Scott drumroll please*
everyone’s up and coming, future Emmy winning (if there is justice in the world)…

Kristen Bell

Not that Bell needs to beef up her resume with a bunch of B and C list movies, just hear out the rest of my idea….the leading man should be…

John Krasinski.

Who’s with me? C’mon. Just imagine it. Your head won’t implode. I promise.

Kristen Bell playing a character her actual age. You know, with her in the role, the actual character traits don’t even matter anymore because we all know she’d rock it. With a maybe more nerdy than Jim Halpert, John Krasinski..

Two adorable and comedic talents lighting up the BIG screen?

At this point there is no need for a script. People would come anyways. I would. Even if I could predict it scene by scene, I’d still buy the DVD.

All that being said, I want this idea to start circulating around the internet because I have NO hollywood connections and NO writing experience that could make this happen. But if any producers reading this like it, I’d like to included as a story editor or whatever bottom feeder writing position I can take.


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