What has two thumbs…

and is in love with Jim Halpert?

Well, now that I think about it, it’s probably a long line….starting behind Pam.

I love The Office. I’m so sad that I only recently found out about it. but yay for summer reruns. I really thought that NBC no longer set the comedy standard, especially with my love for Arrested Development. I do love Scrubs but NBC treats it like the ugly step kid. Earl, I just don’t get. And it’s not that I hate redneck humor. King of the Hill cracks me up. Probably because I know those people. They exist all over Texas.

Four! Episodes of The Office! Next Thursday (June 1). I can’t wait.

Besides Jim, I’ve developed an intellectual crush on BJ Novak. I would be so embarrassed to even mention my writing to him because I’m not a funny writer. I wish I was, but I’m smart enough to know I’m not funny. But I ponder this writer/actor role he has. I wonder what that’s about. I wonder if acting is a craft like writing in that anyone can do it with training, but some just naturally excel at it. I also wonder if I would stink at acting worse than writing. Probably so. Let’s be honest I wouldn’t even try. There are only three TV shows and two musicals I would be in. The Office, VM and GG. Nope, scratch that. I couldn’t damage VM like that. BUT i would be Eponine in Les Mis or Annie in Annie Get Your Gun. Annie Oakley would not be acting as I am Annie Oakley. Eponine, i just love her songs.

OH, I would be on VM if they cast me as Veronica’s ugly twin (blonde & short as well…)and if they killed me early in the episode. and if i had no actual speaking lines.


2 responses to “What has two thumbs…

  1. I’d be in that long line of John Krasinski/Jim Halpert lovers. I would venture to say that i would be near the front 🙂

  2. Hi, I don’t know you, but I cyberstalked BJ Novak and found this… anyway, I think you and I are television soulmates… that is, if you like Futurama.

    You should watch “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”. That show is hilarious.

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