Grey Saturday…

I always end up in Hastings for at least thirty minutes. I check out the movies, but honestly none of them entice me. So I end up hunting through the TV section, trying find disc one of several different shows I’d like to watch. But there were pieces missing from each show I wanted to rent. I almost grabbed VM off the shelves (as my dvds are somewhere b/t Nashville and Cinncinnati right now..) but then I saw Grey’s Anatomy. I recently hooked a GA diehard on VM, so I thought I’d at least give her fave show a shot. After all, everyone raves about it. I was skeptical at first, having heard bits and pieces about it. So now I’ve seen season 1. I got to the end of the second disc and was like “That’s all?”

Do I like? Yes. Am I dying to keep watching? Eh. If I got ABC on my little antenna, I might tune in, but for now I’m still on the fence. I do love the characters in this world.

George! OH! he’s like the little puppy dog you just want to grab and hold. But he definitely needs to go see the wizard. Ask for some guts.

Dempsey McDreamy! Yeah, I’m all for anything that keeps this man working. He’s just too cute for words. But him being married makes me realize this is just a prime time soap…

Christina! I love Christina. She cracks me up. Her unrelenting style is awesome. Rock on Sandra Oh!

Bailey I like Bailey for the same reason I like Christina. But I would like to see more emotions on her. We saw Christina go through several in just the pilot. I hope S2 gives Bailey a chance to branch out.

Burke Burke is cool too. The coffee moment with Christina definitely caught me off guard. I wonder when the rest of Seattle Grace catches on to their trist…

Izzie Growing on me. We’re not there yet, but growing on me.

Meredith She’s such a space cadet. All this potential and she can’t get her head on straight. I’m on the fence with her too.

So I’m on the fence. I’ll have to get S2 soon to make a real decision. It is good writing as far as development and dialogue. Later this week, I’ll write up thoughts on this new trend of ‘dramedies’, concluding with how much I hate the word ‘dramedy’.

One response to “Grey Saturday…

  1. You will be pleasantly surprised with Bailey in S2. They really let her out of the gate and she just about outstripped everyone in S2. She is currently in the running for my fave Grey’s character.

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