The Pit of Despair

Ok, not quite, but any chance to reference The Princess Bride, I’m there.

But I do have a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach over Veronica Mars. Ausiello is reporting that the buzz around upfronts says the CW will give VM 13 episodes.

Good news or bad news?

From a purely business standpoint, separating in my mind all LoVe of VM, this makes total sense. It has shakey ratings even when it’s not being preempted in MAJOR markets (ie NY and LA) for sports. And the once made in heaven pairing with Gilmore Girls leaves a few with a bitter taste in the mouth. *sigh* GG S5 would’ve been beyond perfect…but I digress.

13 or less chances for Rob and crew to build major steam. More guerilla marketing. More interviews. Long story short, they are going sell Kristen Bell’s privacy to the highest bidder. Well, I can’t see Rob doing that (seems to me he is both professionally and personally very protective of her, as a friend and boss should be) but I can see a real temptation for the TPTB at CW.

But from a viewer’s perspective, this freaks me out. Not ordering a full season? Arrested Development?? How many great, smart, amazing shows have been washed to sea in a short order….?

UGH what else would they pair VM with? Smallville is quickly becoming painful. Only Rosenbaum, O’Toole, Glover and Mack can deliver their lines with realism. Supernatural? Is good. I agree. But I cannot watch that show. For the same reasons I don’t watch horror films. They freak me out. One Tree Hill would be laughable sharing a night. (see previous post comparing the two shows). OOOH that leaves Everwood. Is that even the same demographic? Wait, do we even know what the CW demo is supposed to be?? As a writer, it physically pains me to see shows that are so badly written kept while the best written show on television is on the bubble.

MEANWHILE. Here’s my promise to you, TPTB at CW: If you cancel VM and KEEP 7th Heaven, you’re dead to me.

*holding my breath till Thursday*


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