HA! Awww and Yessss

This is how my night went down.

HA! I have NEVER laughed so loud and so hard at TV as I did when Michael Scott said “I’ve always thought of myself as a great philanderer”. I almost fell off the couch. In fact, I’m glad I taped The Office last night because I missed the next thirty seconds of dialogue because I was still laughing. (if you haven’t seen it, the word he meant to say was “philanthropist”…)

Awwwwww! How sweet was Jim & Pam?! I totally did not see that coming. Any of it. I kept expecting him to bring up the transfer. Give Me My Remote has the clip up. It’s a MUST see. Men should take some notes about Jim. Being honest about his feelings to her. Laying it all out on the line. Knowing her well enough to know he could plant a big one on her and get kissed back.

Yessss. I was washing my face when I received the best text message a Veronica Mars fan can get.

“You have to tell me who was at the door!!!”

That makes mailing my dvds across the country totally worth it and brings my VM conversions up to three. I can’t wait to see the extras on the Season 2 dvds. You know the gag reel is going to be hilarious.


2 responses to “HA! Awww and Yessss

  1. OOh is there gag reel on Season 1..I haven’t gotten that far yet! I’m so glad you converted me…thanks again friend.

  2. I loved the office last night…favorite episode ever.

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