A Tale of Two Logans

I’ve been pondering last nights finales all day. I’ll start with GG so not to spoil those I’m currently hooking on VM with my DVDs 🙂

Over the years, Gilmore Girls has really become a staple in my world. I remember I thought the previews looked stupid. In fact, the only reason I watched the pilot was because I was waiting on Charmed (don’t mock, it didn’t jump shark till Prue died..) to come on. I was instantly hooked. I was a Rory in high school, minus the hot boyfriends. And the strong qualities of Lorelai, I still want to possess. I even went to Burbank and took the WB Studio tour. I was within three feet of Matt Czuchry and was speechless.

All that being said to say, while this season wasn’t the usual Gilmore goodness, I don’t hate on it. It was just different. We saw some very different sides to the girls. The finale was a great climax to the season. You just ached watching Lor explode all over Luke. And since I’ve been a Lor/Chris ‘shipper since basically day 1, I won’t hate on the ending. If Luke would step up, then I’m all for L&L.

Meanwhile, in roryland, I love Logan. I kinda always have. He’s not a poser. What you see is what you get with him.

Pause to mention there’s a yellow xterra outside my office window right now. *sigh*

Rory’s Logan wins points in my book for being a man and taking care of business before trying to start a family and all that jazz.

But about that other Logan….Veronica Mars is The Best Show On Television. Kristen Bell is the Best Actress on Television. In fact, she and Lauren Graham BOTH needed to be nominated for Emmys, though sadly they’d be up against each other. But if the Emmys keep ignoring Bell, they’ll eat crow when she wins an oscar.

Yeah, she’s THAT good.

I can’t get over how much she has cried in the last few episodes. And no one can look good while crying, but boy does she sell it. Combine that with perfect comedic delivery and body language. Unstoppable.

The finale in a word: Bittersweet. It’ll take me some time to process it all. It still hasn’t sunk in. but it was just good.

Beaver?! *sigh* “Veronica, why does trouble follow you around?” Big shocks: Jackie’s kid, Beav the rapist! WHAT?! I figured Aaron had to die. For Noir justice and because it’s the only way for Logan to keep his 09er status next year.

Funniest moment: A PONY!!

The thing that struck me the most was Logan holding her in his arms. More than once. Oh, if that doesn’t spell LoVe, I don’t know what does.


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