The Good Must Suffer

Whodunnit part deux!

For the record, I speculated Aaron was behind the bus crash three weeks ago and I was severely mocked. Now that Aaron is a full blown suspect, I sit back and smile. However he’s only my number 2 suspect. The “how” part of the equation isn’t what confounds me. The how will be the same on everyone. Just like Lilly’s death. No matter who had done it, Lilly was still bashed in the head. It was a matter of why. So in my guesses, I’ll only explore motive.

3) Dick Casablancas. Motive: to avenge Woody’s dirty deeds done dirt cheap either on himself or the Beav. I have two huge problems with this though. 1) That makes the rat on the bus intentionally part of the plan. (which I’ll explain in a second) and 2) If I were Rob Thomas and I had a character who was simultaneously funny and grotesque, who could easily pal around with Logan in season three, I wouldn’t want to kill him off. If it’s our favorite surfer, I will bow at the feet of Rob Thomas. The wizard will have come to him to ask for guts.

My Rat Theory: The Rat is too perfect of a clue. So perfect it stinks like a red herring. Just like the twists in the rape storyline of last year, I think the rat is a twist of fate. I think Logan planted the rat on the bus to get back at Duncan for stealing Veronica. The rat and by extension Logan will then have saved the kids in the limo and by another extension saved Veronica. And this will be the revelation tempting LoVe back together.

2) Aaron Echolls. As I speculated weeks ago, it would just be so cool for him to be the villain again. Motive: to off Veronica, Duncan and Logan as witnesses. “But deep down Aaron loves Logan and would never hurt him, right?” Um, no. Because sociopaths have no feelings.

1) Madison Sinclair. I am now almost fully convinced of this theory. I chose Madison at random just to be funny. But some pieces about her make sense to me. She’s a recurring character, but not a regular. She has been known to be intentionally cruel with complete disregard for the ramifications. She had access to the Casablancas house and now has access to Sheriff Lamb. Remember nothing in Neptune is a coincidence. I don’t think her relationship with Lamb was just for chuckle factor. I think it’s an easily overlooked clue. Just like Aaron’s murder wasn’t preplanned, I don’t think Madison intended to kill the students on the bus. Maybe just scare them. But between Veronica, Logan, Duncan, Dick, Gia, Bettina…truthfully who in Neptune does Madison like besides herself?

I love all the parallels between Madison and Mac. Both dating Casablancas boys. She’s evil Mac. For every ounce of good Mac does for Veronica, Madison is the negative effect. So Madison being the bus crasher would severely rock Mac’s world. It also would knock Lamb off his cradle-robbing rocker.

All that being said, I don’t think it’ll be Beaver. Mostly because I’m hoping it’s not Beaver. I’m fully willing to admit I could be wrong. I do, however, think Beaver is going to die. Why? Because in a tragedy, the innocent die.


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