Camdens, we hardly knew you

Twins! Twins? Twins?! For the first time in five years, something interesting happened to the characters on 7th Heaven?! Of course I had to watch the finale. The show got so bad, it was downright funny. I blame the writing. Sure the acting wasn’t always stellar, especially the recurring characters, but they didn’t have a lot to work with either.

It was a weekly guess which actors could deliver their plodding or whiny, repetitive dialogue with a renewed sincerity. Props to Barry Watson, who after all these years, is still the most endearing Camden.

When it comes to writing, I am so guilty of trying to cram as many characters as I can into a project. Any number is appropriate if you develop them all. The initial family unit was endearing. But for every Camden that bailed, they were replaced by two outsiders who collectively acted worse than Happy.

And characters can’t grow if nothing happens to them. This is what I hated about last night’s finale. For three acts, not only did nothing happen, but they kept replaying the same dialogue, with little changes, over with different characters. I realize this was supposed to build some tension, but let’s be honest. We knew Simon wouldn’t marry her. And no one cared. I am happy they redeemed Mary, but too little too late. In order to fit in Matt and Mary and have three worthless acts, they completely ignored Ruthie. There weren’t even any priceless Matt/Ruthie scene where they puppetmaster the rest of the family. Sad.

If I had written this finale, I would’ve gone out with a bang. Literally. Why not? Everyone else on TV is dying. It’s the thing to do in 2006! They jumped the shark ages ago, why not send them to 7th Heaven in a giant explosion. They could’ve run into Leo from Charmed and begun their work as whitelighters. And I would’ve laughed.


One response to “Camdens, we hardly knew you

  1. Your wit and take on life carries me through to every new day.

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