First Post

I’m not new to blogging, just to blogspot. So bear with me. Meanwhile, I started this diddy as a place to collect my occasionally but unintentionally amusing rants about certain TV shows. So why blog? Because I have no friends. j/k. My friends are not as say obsessed with TV as I am and tend to tune me out. So if I’m not going to be heard, I might as well rant to the blackhole of the internet right!

Plus my ultimate goal is to become a professional writer. I’ve got the finished book- just need to land an miracle agent.

Show I LOVE and will constantly rave about:
Veronica Mars, Gilmore Girls, Prison Break, The Office, Scrubs

These, in my novice writing & expert accounts payable opinion, are the best written shows on television. Doesn’t hurt that they have great acting too. There are a few trainwrecks I can’t take my eyes off of, so I will use all the creativity I can muster to mock them.


2 responses to “First Post

  1. Hi jonas, I love TV too. We should be friends.

  2. Oh, I totally agree. It’s just so kitsch that I had to use it.

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