A Tree Huggin’ Martian?

So today’s hilarious make believe drama on WWK was OTH v. VM. I think I can definitively say that Veronica would not swoon over Lucas…wow my brain can’t even put those two thoughts together. These two shows are so different they shouldn’t be talked about in the same breath.

It’s like trying to compare a Grisham novel with a Harlequin romance…

In this corner you have witty, gritty, pretty Veronica Mars. But at the same time, she’s a well rounded character. You see her happy, brokenhearted, angry, determined, careless and worn out. She’s the woman some of us want to be. Especially if it comes with a Duncan or a Logan…

In the opposite corner, teenagers with missing parents trying to decide the rest of their life in forty minutes. Everyone oddly is in love with Lucas, except the one you would THINK would be…and she took her first risk in life by marrying Nathan. Now they are downright nauseating.

Yeah, three years and little character development? They act like every little thing is the end of the world. And Lucas usually has the same look on his face. *shudders* Reminds me of the last six hours in LOTR with Frodo…As much as I hate Brooke for being self centered, I love Sophia Bush for her professionalism. But before you can blink, Peyton’s crying again over death or love.

Side note: I love Jake. I LOVE everytime he says “Where did you go, Peyton?” Hmm, come think of it, Keith says this to Veronica too….

Nope, that’s the only similarity I have. I am a closeted Tree Hugger. I used to mock it. It was just another teen prime time soap. And then last summer, when I had a choice of two channels, OTH reruns sucked me right in. It’s a trainwreck in the making, but I have to know. Will Brooke ever stop complaining? Will Peyton go an episode without tears? Will someone finally give Dan the swift kick he deserves? Will Mouth get some love?

Ah, LoVe. There’s a couple who lights up the screen. What’s so special about this couple? Oh yes, ACTING. Point and match, VM.

So would I die without OTH? No. But do I want to see it disappear? No. Maybe the CW can rotate it in the schedule with something else, like another soap. The best part about all this? Veronica Mars Season 2 on DVD August 15th!


One response to “A Tree Huggin’ Martian?

  1. Hmmm I don’t watch OTH so I can be of no use to this blog. But, I will soon be able to comment about VM Season 1.

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